Friday, January 20, 2012

Design: Dialogs and error messages (2)

Following feedback from our favorite crazily-smiling designer and that great orange psychopath artist (I'm assuming the avatar is a self-portrait), here's the current state of the proxy dialog.

The italics were a personal touch.


  1. So, why did you feel the need to use italics here, when normal error alerts don’t?

    Perhaps you thought that without emphasizing the text in some way, it wouldn’t stand out enough? Normal alerts use bold for that. (Well, sometimes. But they don’t use italics.)

    Perhaps it’s partly also a layout problem. The error is oddly closer to the window title than it is to the rest of the dialog contents. If the margins were more even, the error text would stand out more.

    1. Exactly, I didn't feel it was standing out enough. And bold felt too close to the group labels.

      About the top border, I used the same spacing between the action buttons and the window bottom. Perhaps I should prioritize symmetry inside the content area, and not the whole window? I can certainly see the point about even spacing making the error stand out more.