Saturday, February 11, 2012

Design: rethinking the style preferences

Back in the Acessibility: Contrast, colors, and fonts post, I explained how the color/style preferences changed depending on "contrast mode" being on or off:

Following a suggestion by Matthew Paul Thomas, I now merged the two versions into a single one, using a GtkComboBox.

This new version allows both modes to share all possible options. It also reduces interface complexity by eliminating the need for checkboxes in non-contrast mode.

I'm still wondering whether I will make a list of suggested colors available. I have no idea what they would be. :)


  1. If you can’t find a graphic designer (Izo perhaps?) to choose some nice suggested colors, then you could at least include a pastel shade of each primary and secondary color, plus a light grey or two.

    “Color” and “Previous Color” as text for the items is a bit odd. With a set of suggestions in the menu, “Custom Color” would make sense for any color that isn’t one of those suggestions. As for “Previous Color”, I dream of a world where “Edit” > “Undo” and “Edit” > “Redo” work just as well in settings windows in general as they do in text fields in particular.

    1. Oh, I dream of that world too... In fact, a world there GTK has built-in support for undo/redo in text fields would already make me happy, as I can't even have that right now... -_-

      Thanks for the color suggestions, I'll ensure that it will be easy to change the color set in case I eventually get in touch with a graphic designer.